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Friday, 25 March 2011

Jingle Jangle

I've also found some bits and pieces to go with all these looks: adding jewellery to your outfit really makes a big difference.

Coco always used to say that you should take off the last thing that you put on, (just make sure that's not your underwear). I'm not big on earrings, I have a pair of diamond studs which I always wear but to be honest that's because I find that earrings really irritate and after a while I can't do anything but pull at my earlobes until I've taken them off. I used to love watching the 80's soaps when the women wore those great big clip on nuggets and were forever reaching under their mass of iron hard bouffant to pull the earrings off to answer the phone. There also seemed to be a great fashion for scratching your ever so itching head with the end of a pen due to the fact that, a) you didn't want to mess your 'do' up and b) the fact that there was so much lacquer in there that you couldn't actually get your finger to your scalp in the first place.

Anyway, I digress - the jewellery: pretty little things, from the Miss Selfridge web site, all for under a tenner. I've teamed them up with some outfits I thought would be nice, considering the sun's coming out, albeit temporarily.

Really love this, it's just so classic. Either wear it as a cuff around your wrist or, if you can find a bigger one, around the top of your arm for that Hellenic look. It would look lovely with a mediterraen inspired dress for summer hols and a pair of Grecian strappy flat sandals.
What a fabulous ring, again great colour against the gold and would even better with tanned skin. If you wear something which makes as much of a statement as this I wouldn't tend to wear much more jewellery.

I saw this fab little beaded jacket and thought how much fun it would be to wear it with jeans and...
...this really gorgeous skull ring. The colours go well together and I like the way that the top is so girly that the ring would give it a good edge. 

In fact there was so much great stuff I found it hard to not to pick everything to show you. My favourite had to be this ring though. Just the colour of it was enough to sway me, let alone the shape.

And for no other reason than they were such a huge part of my formative years here's the girls from Charlies Angels, I just wanted to show you how fantastic and bang up to date Farah Fawcett looks in the cream suit, I'm definitely going to be incorporating this into my wardrobe this summer.

Ooh, with the big gold rimmed avaitor shades, perfect!!!

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