Fashion and feeling good without being a billionaire or a bag of bones and never,
ever going out like you've got dressed in front of a wooden mirror!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

What's Going On?

Morning all!!!!

This is the first post from my new blog, very exciting! It's about things that make you feel good, simple as that. Never go out looking as though you've got dressed in front of a wooden mirror!

As the comedian John Bishop says, 'Why buy your clothes in the same place as you buy your brussel sprouts?'. Sometimes it's because the supermarket is the only place that we ever go to shop: it's cheap, handy and really boring.

I've always been really interested in fashion and how it makes you feel as a woman, the confidence and the sheer desperation that goes with it, the misery of shopping and the few great times when you buy something that puts you on top of the world. It won't be about dieting or starving yourself into getting into that size 8 dress and it will never be about wishing that you could be slimmer, richer or have a flatter stomach (I know I'm there!) But it can be about taking control of your image now, working with your assets and looking good for yourself. You'd be surprised, others will notice, the compliments come rolling in and it won't take long before before your self esteem grows and grows.

I work in a big organisation with lots of women, and we talk about what we've bought and great stuff we've seen in magazines and on other people. I do have a bit of a knack for putting stuff together and often get called on  for advice and shopping expeditions so I thought that I'd put some of the best stuff I see on my travels on  this blog for us to share. I don't live in a big city or have loads of money but I have a keen eye for what looks great and what can suit your body shape.

We all get bogged down in the mundane day to day of life I thought that it would be good to share some of the pretty, stylish and just down right silly things that I come across and I hope you'll enjoy this and let me know what you come across too.

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